Buying brand new cars comes with its advantages. These advantages are definitely difficult to overlook, especially if you’re buying a car for the first time. It would be good to consider them and keep them in mind because you really don’t want to fail the first time, do you? With your brand new car, you will enjoy your travel and start thinking about "wat te doen in Amsterdam in de herfstvakantie?" or what to do in Amsterdam in the autumn holidays? You can also go on trips like "bezienswaardigheden grachtengordel amsterdam" or sightseeing canals Amsterdam.

First advantage: you can enjoy a life of reduced maintenance for your car, at least for the first few years which are also usually the most crucial. It can get pretty frustrating if from the very beginning you’re already forced by circumstance to have your car serviced, right? Brand-new cars usually save you from this inconvenience, mainly because they’re new. You also don't need to look for a "zalando kortingscode afgeprijsde artikelen" or Zalando discount code discounted items for car accessories since there are freebies when you buy a brand new car.

Second advantage: brand-new cars have warranty coverage. Think of it as having somewhere you can go when something goes wrong. In times when soe functions of the car are not properly operational as they should be, you at least know whom to call on.

Third advantage: peace of mind. If you bought your car brand-new, then you will most likely have fewer questions in your mind. You worry about very little, primarily because (and this is quite obvious), you are the car’s first owner. Just like getting a "kortingscode zalando nieuwe collectie" or a discount code zalando new collection, you can also get a discount when buying a new car.

Disadvantages of Brand-New Cars

There are also disadvantages to buying cars brand-new. The first one is that brand-new cars come with sales tax. These taxes are imposed on brand-new cars and may thus be seen as additional expense on you part.

Second disadvantage: you have to think about registration fees. Brand-new cars require that you have to settle its registration and pay for the fees incurred in the process. This can be an incredibly stressful activity, particularly because the process involves a lot of documentation and paper work. Really, a lot of hassle. (You’d rather be spending hours shopping online, using your voucher code for Lazada Philippines, surely. Or maybe even looking out for the latest Madame Tussaud Amsterdam Ticket for your upcoming family vacation. You are lucky if you can get cheap tickets for madame tussauds amsterdam while surfing on travel websites.)

Third disadvantage: buying brand-new cars also comes with what is called ‘dealer closing costs’. Dealers usually charge you with additional costs such as delivery, anti-rust coating for your car, and other dealer preparation costs.